Just be Mindful currently offers the following programmes, workshops and one-to-one sessions:


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is a certified 8-week mindfulness programme. It consists of 8 weekly 2.5 hour sessions, a day retreat and home practice.
Developed at the Massachusetts Medical Centre in 1979 by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR introduces and uses a combination of mindfulness meditations (both formal and informal) and body awareness/movement practices to help people become more aware of what is happening internally and externally. There will also be some brief theoretical input and shared enquiry sessions about participants personal experiences of the practices.
In recent years, the MBSR programme has been extensively researched and has been scientifically and clinically proven to assist with stress reduction, relaxation, and improvements to quality of life.
It does not help prevent or cure disease.
While MBSR has its roots in spiritual teachings, the programme itself is secular.
The content of the MBSR programme is in accordance with the content taught by Bangor University, Wales.

Living Mindfully

This 4-week programme has been crafted for adults who want to explore and practise mindfulness and integrate it into their daily lives. The programme is based on components from the MBSR curriculum. Mindfulness is explored through a range of guided meditations, personal journaling and reflective sharing.
The programme consists of four weekly 2-hour sessions and home practice.

Mindfulness Workshop

This 2-hour introductory, experiential workshop focuses on:

  • What is mindfulness and what are it's benefits?
  • The breath
  • Mindful sitting - cultivating an awareness of the breath, body sensations, sounds and thoughts
  • The Mindful Body Scan
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful movements and walking
  • How to integrate mindfulness into every day life

The above guided practises and meditations are interspersed with reflective, mindful poems and readings.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

This Mindfulness workshop is suitable for any business, organisation or school wishing to protect and enhance the wellbeing and productivity of its staff.  It's duration and content is flexible to meet particular needs.

A Day of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Days are held periodically throughout the year at various venues in Northern Ireland. Suitable for all levels - those new to mindfulness or the more experienced practitioner. In addition to various guided meditations there will be inspirational stories and nourishing poems. Participants will spend most of the day in silence. This is a wonderful opportunity to practise mindfulness collectively with other like-minded people.
An ideal time to stop, relax and reconnect with your true self.

One-to-One Mindfulness Sessions

Hourly one-to-one mindfulness sessions. These personalised sessions include guided meditations, guidance and reflection on practice and consideration and support as to how mindfulness can be integrated into the everyday life of the client.
Suitable for all ages.

Paws b Mindfulness Programme

Paws b (pause & b) is a leading Mindfulness Programme for children aged 7 - 11 consisting of 6-sessions which relate to, as and when appropriate, other areas of learning e.g. music, drama, sport.  Each session is expertly crafted for use in the classroom (curricular or extracurricular), youth organisation setting or other context, and focuses on a particular mindfulness practice.

.b Mindfulness Programme

.b (pronounced dot b) is a fun and engaging 10-session mindfulness programme designed to be delivered in the post-primary classroom (timetabled or extracurricular), youth organisation setting or other context. It is adapted from the adult MBSR and MBCT programmes and consists of striking visuals, film clips and activities to introduce mindfulness and its benefits to 11 -18 year olds.
Some of the many researched benefits include:

  • improved well-being (happiness, calmness, fulfilment, etc.)
  • improved learning skills (concentration, confidence, communication, creativity, working with others, etc.)
  • awareness of ‘stressors’ (e.g. exams, relationships, family life) and how to skilfully and effectively respond to them
  • greater resilience

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. breathe Mindfulness Programme

. breathe is a 4-session mindfulness programme aimed at the school 'transition' years - from primary to post-primary.  The curriculum encourages pupils to explore ways in which mindfulness can support them through the highs and lows of adolescent life.  Issues explored include:

  • Working with the capacity of attention and exploring how to work with the wandering mind
  • Why humans worry and how can worry be alleviated
  • Sleep - why it is important and how to deal with difficulty related to it
  • Being with others - the opportunities and challenges of working skilfully with friendships and other relationships both in person and online.

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The Kids Programme

This 16-session mindfulness programme is designed to be delivered in the primary classroom (timetabled or extracurricular), youth organisation setting or other context.
The programme introduces and explores new facets of mindfulness through a range of fun-filled activities. During the programme, children will learn to cultivate gratitude, handle difficult thoughts and emotions and finally develop kindness towards themselves and others. Importantly, the key foundations of mindfulness - i.e. paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and kindness - are continually strengthened throughout all 16 sessions.

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The SOMA Programme

The Youth Mindfulness SOMA Programme is a flexible, responsive and trauma-informed approach to sharing mindfulness with teenagers and young adults.  SOMA is an acronym for the principal outcomes of the programme:

  • Social connection
  • Openness to enjoyment
  • Meaning and purpose
  • Action

Taken together these represent the key constituents of wellbeing.

The programme, consisting of fun activities and themes, is flexible and can be tailored to fit the time scale available and adapted for the needs of different groups.

Mindfulness Matters!

This 1-hour engaging and enjoyable mindfulness workshop has been specifically crafted for young people. The content is adapted to cater for the age group and needs of the participants. Mindfulness Matters! is designed to be delivered in a group setting.
It’s core practices focus on:

  • being present
  • acknowledging and accepting what arises
  • how to be more attentive
  • recognising and ‘taming’ the wandering mind
  • recognising worry and befriending difficult thoughts and emotions
  • sowing and cultivating positive seeds

Please contact Stephen for more information relating to any of the above programmes, workshops or one-to-one sessions.