Mindfulness is the intentional awareness, and acceptance, of what is being experienced NOW (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations) with open-minded curiosity and kindness. We allow anything and everything that we experience in the present moment just to be...as it is!
The practice of mindfulness is about gently training the 'busy, wandering mind' to return from getting lost in the past (which we can’t change!) or worrying and fantasising about the future, to focusing on whatever is actually being experienced internally and externally in the present moment e.g. breathing, body sensations, thoughts, feelings, sounds, thoughts, walking, eating, etc. In fact, any experience can be a mindful experience!
We now spend so much of our lives in ‘autopilot’ - living mechanically without being fully aware of what we are doing or experiencing. Our thinking and feelings become habitual. Consequently, we miss so much of what is the most beautiful and meaningful in life. Grounding ourselves in the present moment can be hugely beneficial to both our mental and physical wellbeing.
Mindfulness is not the ‘solution’ to all life’s problems. Rather, mindfulness transforms how we relate to the problem. It gives us the time and opportunity to respond skilfully rather than instantly react. Why heap additional suffering on to unavoidable suffering!
Mindfulness can provide a refuge of sanity and stability that can be used to restore some much needed balance and perspective in our chaotic, 21st century lives.

Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone - regardless of age, gender, religion. Although practised in the East for 2500 years, secular mindfulness was only introduced in the West approximately 50 years ago. Today, it is a universal 'way of being' and 'way of living'.